All players have to deal with the many ways their coaches communicate with them.  Young players get an early lesson on socialization and the juggle of dealing with all KINDS of people.  I think that’s one of the essential lessons of organized sports – communication skills are developed and trust systems are built.

Some coaches yell, some coaches have other coaches do the correcting, and some are passionate and speak slowly.  No matter the approach, if a coach is working to correct mistakes, at least there’s interest – it’s a good thing.  Where parents can come into play is to help the young player take bits and pieces and apply it…basically help them make some adjustments.

An old saying that I grew up hearing and believe to this day – if a coach is talking to you or making an example out of you, then it’s a good thing.  Be concerned when they ignore you.  Once they stop trying, it’s time to move on because they’ve given up or believe you have.  If adjustments aren’t made – their playing days will be numbered.