Oakland raised – passionate about learning, sports, and family. Baseball consultant/instructor to many Bay Area youth. Let’s teach our players the game the right way – developing young men is more important than winning at all cost. Doing both is my goal.

3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hey Jase,

    I came across your profile on LinkedIn. We are both members of the Coaches Network Group. I’d love to connect with you to show you how Club Outfitter can help the teams you coach. Our program is 100% FREE so no worries about me trying to sell you anything. In a nut shell….we create FREE online stores for teams to sell sprit wear to the players, parents, and fans with out the need to purchase in Bulk, hold inventory, collect money, find vendors, and all the other headache and time wasters that are involved. We do it all for you and pay the team 10% of gross sales. Let’s chat about it. My direct office email is buzz.venhuizen@cluboutfitter.com and my cell is 320-496-7205

    Talk to you soon

  2. Thanks for this – I will definitely be in touch. I have some ideas I would like to discuss further…making some personal T-shirts and outerwear for my camps/clinics/players.

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