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While rain and baseball never go hand in hand – there actually are some benefits to the wintery, wet conditions. When it rains, unless you play in a dome, baseball, specifically in the Bay Area, comes to a stop….or does it?

Now that the role is reversed and I’m no longer the player yearning for extra BP (batting practice) or on the field ground balls, I understand the importance of gym days. It forces us coaches to push a pause on the fast life of the season and gives time to the important components of the game that can go untaught or better neglected…

Some quick and easy things to remember of those rainy gym days:

-Get your players in the weight room (They don’t need to pump large amounts. Let’s encourage them to use lower weight and higher reps – encouraging a good warm up routine with stretch bands, abdominal work to accompany them during the season).

-Great time to go over signs and defensive schemes (bunt D, pick offs)

-Don’t be afraid to go back to the fundamentals with everything emphasizing foot work and proper approach to fielding ground balls & fly balls.

Remember – small work is just as important as live BP and game situations…enhance what you say in the gym out on the field.

Happy April!