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Here I am in Boston, Mass at a conference about learning and the brain. I haven’t had the time yet to fully debrief and think about what I’ve been experiencing however it is clear from these Harvard PHD profs that our educational structure (infrastructure) is incredibly outdated and must catch up with the time. As a few noted, we have an industrial system still running to serve 21st century minds. This is obviously highly problematic.

Everyone is looking for answers, sometimes myself included, but what I’m realizing is it’s time to use our devices, our technologies as tools to support learning, not as the only tool. Our minds have changed, our needs have changed, our relevancy is different – this must be reflected in our/with our teaching.

I’m thinking in terms of school and coaching, connecting with my players/students will be essential to forming a cohesive environment where all people thrive. I guess thriving can be relative but my hope is that through differentiated instruction folks walk away more prepared than they started.

All of this comes down to change. We must accept that the way we learned isn’t the way the new youth will or should learn…I mean why should the learn the same? It isn’t the same world they are preparing for…

Think about it…#lb30