Blacks in the MLB


I work with high school players 3 times a week. About 40 players that come from 2 or 3 school get skills training on all facets on the game from 2 other instructors and myself.

Last week we met a guy who stopped by the field because he’d seen us in weeks prior to ask if we would talk to him regarding his grad thesis – the black baseball player. Basically highlighting the lack there of. I agreed and thought it was a coincidence. I wrote my thesis in undergrad at Pomona on the demographics of baseball over the last 50 years – Latino was the new Black.

I haven’t met with him yet but I thought that was pretty cool. I’ll share what I can if we ever connect.


Sunday morning

Alarm just went off! It is time to put in a little work before I relax on football Sunday. I have been working with this young man since he was about 8 years old. He couldn’t catch a fly ball and could barely make contact. He has a ways to go but he is progressing for sure!

Now he’s a freshman in high school and working to make a team.

Today’s plan: discuss his recent approach in games/practice, coming through ground balls at first, driving the ball the other way, and keeping the weight back on off speed.

Player development takes years…keep your mental toughness. Once that goes it takes years to get it back. Often time it’ll be too late.


It’s that time of the year that all baseball players and coaches love – the playoffs!  It’s the only time when every pitch really means something.  The marathon has been reduced to a sprint and the feared team is always on fiyah!

Last year it was the Giants…nobody saw it coming and this year it may be the Brew Crew.  My predictions were thrown out the window.  I had the Yanks and Phils but that was quickly canned.  A-Rod and the gang just couldn’t get it done.  As we are seeing all over the place, money can’t always buys rings (at least not the ones given out by the MLB).  Phils, Sox, Angels, Sox all done!  This should be an exciting finish – I wonder if the Rangers are ready?

The intensity is unmatched – relish these games – coaches makes sure your kids are tuning in, it’s baseball as its best.